Theory Test

50 multiple choice questions

The idea of the theory test is to gain an understanding of the rules of the road, in a safe environment. The questions asked are all based on the Highway Code.

It is useful to do some work on this part of the driving experience before starting your driving lessons, although it is not compulsory. Your instructor will work with you to help you with the real situations that you will face on the road, as shown in the Highway Code.

The Theory Test involves answering 50 multiple choice questions via a touch screen computer monitor at the nearest Driving Standards Theory Test Centre. The minimal pass mark for this part of the test is 43 out of 50. There is also an audio system for the theory test so the questions are read out to you via headphones, along with the choices of answers.

Allow yourself at least 45 minutes to complete this test. This should let you use the ‘flag up’ part of the system (if you are not sure of the answer). This enables you to return to the question again, go through all the questions once more to check your answers and be sure you’re happy with what you have put before you confirm completion of the test. The total time allowed for the theory test is 57 minutes, but you will generally have finished well within this time.

The Theory test has been modified a number of times over the last few years, raising the pass mark, increasing the amount of questions and most recently (from September 28th 2009) adding in case studies. One of the reasons for these changes is the need to increase the students understanding of the rules of the road, rather than the student just remembering the answers after having done a large number of mock test papers.

mock theory tests

You can also visit the Driving Standards Agency website to try some free of charge official mock theory tests. Just follow the simple instructions given once on the site.

how to book your theory test

There are a number of ways to book your theory test, by phone, online or by sending off an application form. You will need your driving licence number and a valid debit or credit card for payment of the current test fee of £31.00 which also includes the Hazard Perception Test.

• Phone - call the DSA Booking Line on 0300 200 1122 and follow the prompting instructions
• Online - by visiting the DSA Booking Centre
• Post - complete the Application Form and return it to the DSA

If you need to amend or change your theory test, you can do so by visiting