Pass Plus Driver Training

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Once you have passed your driving test, you are legally allowed to drive on your own to any place using any of the roads that you are allowed to drive on, in your insured, taxed and MOT car.

This is the independence that you have been working so hard towards. The only problem with this is that you have not built up the driving experience to be fully aware of the different situations you may encounter.

As a new driver, you will not have had to navigate as well as concentrate on your driving, you may not have driven at night, if for instance your lessons were held in the summer. You will never have driven on the motorway and with all the different weather we get in the UK, there will be conditions you have not had to deal with as a driver, as well as many other new situations.

The driving industry as a whole recognized this and after a lot or research, development and working together with the Government, the Driving Standards Agency, DVLA, insurance companies, the Road Safety Agency and the Authorized Driving School Organisations, such as the MSA, the Pass Plus Driving Course was introduced.

The course consists of six modules:

  • • Introduction and Town Driving
  • • All Weather Driving
  • • Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • • Night Driving
  • • Dual Carriageway Driving
  • • Motorway Driving

The aim of the course is to enable the new driver to gain more driving experience with the help of the Alpha Driving School instructor, thus reducing the risk of you being involved in an accident. It teaches you positive driving skills and ensures a positive attitude to driving.

car insurance discounts

As an encouragement for the new driver to take the Pass Plus course, many insurance companies offer substantial discounts on your car insurance premium, once you have completed the course and gained your certificate. Quite often the discount you get from the insurance company is more that the actual cost of the course.

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